Friday, January 06, 2006

Good morning!

It's a wonderful day in my world. I don't know why. Nothing special has happened or anything. I just feel good and even a little happy!

I got up and exercised and I was even dressed, hair fixed, and makeup on before I got the kids up this morning. Okay the make up part is no big deal since I hardly wear any but still... before I got the kids up! Pretty amazing... I know.

I'm listening to my "My husband is deployed, gone, tdy whatever" music. That always helps. DS says I listen to it much too loud but how do you listen to that kind of music any other way? He listens to it loud too but I guess he thinks I'm too old or not cool enough to listen to it loud. Only his dad and he can do that! Too funny. I do need to come up with a new CD though. This is the same one from the last deployment and there are lots of new loud songs that I like. The problem is that I don't know the names of them or who sings them. Kate you could probably help here.... Send me names so I can look them up.

I know... I'm sad but... at least I know who to ask. Hehehe. I should ask DH too. Good idea.

Oh, my mood could have to do with the fact that the internet I paid big bucks for is finally working for DH!! We were able to talk last night for a good length of time and webcam. His webcam of course didn't work but he could at least see us. That always makes him feel better. DD stood in the back ground making silly faces and dressing up while DS and I sat here and visited with DH. It was great. I miss him so much and am so ready for him to come home.

Okay, enough of that talk... it's bringing me down!!

Now... I need to go finish helping the kids get ready this morning. Have a fantabulous day!


  1. you know... I was just thinking.... Maybe DS just doesn't think I should listen to it loud at 7:30AM!! hmmmmmm

    Hehehe I just noticed the time stamp on the post and was surprised it was so early.

  2. I'll be working on a list for you. I'm so happy the internet thing is working for you.

  3. Me too! YEA!!! The only problem now is that I won't leave the computer!! ;o)

  4. Oh, and I'll be looking forward to the list!