Thursday, January 05, 2006

Enough lovey dovey stuff. Well, at least until I post another picture of DH which I will probably do very soon since he is no longer on the page... hehehe

You should all (like there's sooo many of you who read this but there are a few....) be very proud of me. I got up and exercised this morning. Not for the usual length of time but for about 20 minutes. It was not easy. I enjoy sleeping late, especially when it's cloudy. The alarm went off and it took me a minute. I think at first I thought the radio just came on because a song I liked was playing! (I was obviously very out of it this morning.) Then it dawned on me that it was telling me to get up! Yes, I can be very slow...

Now, I'm sitting here when I should be folding the laundry from yesterday while DS does his school work. We had to go to the church this morning because crazy me volunteered for one more thing!! Someday, I'm going to give up all my volunteering and just hibernate in my house and only come out for groceries or better yet, I'll just order in!!

Okay, so I'm a little cranky this morning. At least I'm sparing you the details. I'm off for now to either fold laundry or take a nap. We'll see...


  1. I'm going to fold laundry right now so you take a nap. ;-)

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  3. Wonder how he would feel about being called "Chief Beefcake"? What does Mr. Kate think? Hehehe eventually I'm going to be in trouble but luckily he never comes here!

  4. Oh, but I thought that was what you called him. ;-)

  5. hehehehahahaha Too funny!! You made me blush! I'll keep what I call him to myself... hehehehehehehehehehehe