Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm feeling a little sluggish today. I have a bit of a headache and I feel like I could just crawl into bed and sleep forever! I've even slept really well the last two nights. I keep finding myself thinking about taking a bath but good heavens! It's the middle of the day! Crazy!

DD is home today. She came home early yesterday too. I told her she should go to school this morning but she cried. So I asked if she wanted to go to the Dr. and she said yes... so, here we are. She could have gone to school today since the appointment isn't until 4:20 but again so cried and was just so pitiful... I really don't want anything to be wrong with her but it sure would be easier if it's something that the Dr can fix than if it's just her not wanting to go to school.

DS has been reading most of the day. He's decided to read "The Art of War". He was studying ancient China in history earlier and decided to get some more books on it and this was one of them. Well, see how it goes.

Dr's appointments, the art of war, deployed husband in a foul mood.... I've got my hands full.

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