Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm finding her!

The old me that is. Slowly but surly I'm rediscovering her and you know who she is? She's Mommy, yes, I'm a mommy. Boy, how I've missed it! It is way too easy to get caught up in TV or the computer. Too many distractions. Too easy for my kids to get caught up in playing games and the TV. I've slowed all that down for us all and low and behold, there was a part of me that was missing.

I'm sure one of the other parts is wife but that will be a while before I get to fully play that role. Right now it's just from a distance and I do my best. I can't wait to play that role fulltime again.

So the search is paying off. I will continue this search. It may just be an ongoing journey for me.


  1. I'm glad things are looking up.

  2. Well, they are as far as finding me... but poor DD. She didn't want to go to school this morning. She cried and cried. She even passed me a note under the door asking me not to make her go. (too cute!) Don't know what's going on there. She usually loves school!

    My mom always says I'm too nice and that I should be meaner and then my kids will want to go to school (she's kidding) but I'm wondering if there is some truth to that!

    She's also been super missing Daddy lately too so that could be playing a part in this. Who knows. I told her she could homeschool next year if she wants. Today she said Okay but next time she'll probably change her mind.

  3. That must explain why I have no problem getting my kids to school. ;-)