Thursday, January 12, 2006

Not like me!

Oh, I am so not being like me... does that even make sense? I am usually very dependable. If I say I'm going to be there I'll be there and I'll probably be early. If I can't be there for some reason, I'll call plenty early and if I can't be there then something MUST be REALLY wrong!

Well, not today! I had set up a time with a lady to meet her to show her some stuff. She called me 30 minutes after we were supposed to meet to see where I was!! I had no good excuse. I just forgot! That is soooo not like me. I am totally embarrassed. She totally understood and I ran up to meet with her and everything was fine but I just can't believe that I did that!

DD came home yesterday sick so I kind of blamed that since because she was sick I didn't go to church and so it didn't seem like a Wednesday yesterday but honestly, I just forgot! UGH!

I have got to get myself together. But I did exercise today. Yea me! I think I've done some form of exercise almost every day this week! I've had a hard time getting back to my routine but maybe I am on my way.

Anyway, just had to post that I am so not myself lately. Where did I go??? Please come back self! I need you!! My kids need you!


  1. Some stress and distraction that's all. It'll all come back.

  2. I hope so!!

    I finished my smutty book last night. It was good but it didn't even get smutty until over half way through it!! But it was good and it really wasn't too smutty. It definitely wasn't Lisa Kleypas. I may have to go reread "Suddenly You".

  3. I am usually thinking and yelling, Self, would you go away and leave me alone self!!! HAHAHAHA

    There I visited your blog and read how you are not yourself...thanks for coming to mine and reading how weird and disgusting my co-workers are :-)

    You should have blamed me since I kept you on yahoo so long hehehe.

  4. Glad you visited. The missed appointment was this morning so I couldn't blame you . Darn it!!! I'll try to remember to blame you from here on out. hehehe