Saturday, January 14, 2006


Not much going on here so I don't have a lot to say. Last night was our Ladies Night Out and we made cookies for our soldiers. I didn't really feel like doing that part but I enjoyed visiting with the other women. The kids had fun playing with the other kids too.

Now I'm trying to be domesticated and clean up but you see where I really am!! I am in the midst of washing some new sheets for DH and DS. DH asked that we buy and mail him some more so I thought I'd wash them first and then they will be all soft and good smelling when he gets them. Oh, and since I was buying got DS some new ones too.

I need to work on my Sunday School lesson. It's origami and I need to be sure I know how to do it! I guess that's it. What's up with all of you??

Oh, by the way, my DH is the BEST!!!


  1. He's the best because he likes your sheets?

  2. No.... hehehe..... he doesn't have them yet. He's just the best because... he's the best! He is super sweet too.

    It was just a sappy moment.

  3. I like the sappy moments; they make me smile. :-)