Monday, January 09, 2006

NOT so innocent

I know... he looks quite innocent doesn't he! BUT!! This DOG has figured out how to open the top hatch on his kennel! Twice today, I came home to my dog out and running through the house! The second time he had had a few accidents. YUCK! It's stinky in here now!! I'm airing it out and have lit candles too. Man, DH's dog drives me crazy! Yes, when he's not behaving it is definitely DH's dog. The kids are the same way. ;oP


  1. Hi. Cute doggie! Thanks for the comment and for not lurking! LOL

  2. Thanks for stoping by!.

    The dog is on my VERY BAD list today. :o(

    (How do you make a mad face on here anyway???)

  3. I love dogs, I have a shepard/lab mix that I got from the humane society.

    He looks like a keeper.

  4. Yeah, but the getting out and messing has got to go!!!