Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Mine are bothering me. It's dreary and rainy here today and makes for sleepy allergy eyes. At least for me. It makes my nose bother me too but it's not pretty to explain so I'll spare you. I could just crawl right back into bed.

No, I didn't get up this morning and exercise. Shame on me. I did yesterday though. I'm going to try to do it sometime today. I need to get back to my routine but it's too hard. Boo, hoo, hoo. It's really just called laziness. I need to get over it!

I did get the living room straightened back up and washed some more laundry and.... well, not much of the kitchen. I guess that's what I need to do today. That and exercise. So.... I'm off....


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  2. Yeah, I'd be doing the same thing. You know what? Shhhh don't tell anyone but .... I still have boxes I need to unpack too and we've been a year and half now! Shhhh..... I hope you are better than me!

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  4. Hehehehe me too! Well, this move I actually had to open all the boxes since they took my well organized boxes and dumped them into other boxes and mixed them all them together so that they are no longer organized BUT DON'T get me started on that or neither of us will get anything done today!!! UGH!! I HATE MOVERS!! THEY ARE THE DEVIL!!! Oh... I feel my blood pressure going through the roof....