Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tuesday?? It has been Monday all day long to me!

My parents got off this morning and no tears were really shed. I usually cry for hours after they leave but lately I've not been. I think it has to do with the fact that I usually have a date for when they are returning. That's nice. Oh how I wish we lived closer....

DD got off to school without a hitch! Yea!! It was much easier than I feared. It helped that her friend was in the car in front of us and that her favorite lady got her out of the car.

DS is working hard. We lost power this morning for about an hour so we rushed off to the library to check out his next reading book. "The Bronze Bow". I think we have read it before but... we got it on tape too so it should go fairly quickly.

We are starting a short study on Ancient Africa. I hope it is interesting. We spent a lot of time on Ancient Egypt and he was getting bored with history so a new subject hopefully a new attitude!

A friend from church called this morning and asked if I'd watch her 3 kids for her while she goes to a FRG meeting this evening. Something about an incident.... Anyway, they are with a different unit so I told her I could do it. Our FRG meetings are scheduled right now on Wednesdays so I can't go. Hurumph! (That's kind of what I sound like.) We won't get started on that.......

Well, that's our day so far...


  1. An incident? That's scary.

  2. Yes, that's what I thought too. It was a death and a severe injury. Very sad.

  3. Me too. I didn't know they had FRG meetings for that either. I guess it's to help with rumor control.