Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well, here it is... at least until I chicken out and come back and delete it!

Okay, I never had any intentions of ever writing anything like this on this blog but I just keep coming back to these thoughts so.... here they are.

Mommy's Thoughts on Love...

Back when I was "looking" for someone to love, I had certain expectations. I thought he should be older than me, taller than me, have dark hair and blue eyes and I hoped he'd be incredibly good looking. I wanted someone romantic, smart, fun. I wanted someone who enjoys the same things as me. Yes, I had hoped he'd have money or at least have a wonderful job where money wouldn't be a worry. I wanted someone who would take care of me and sweep me off my feet. I wanted someone who would love me passionately and want to be with me always.

That doesn't sound like too much does it? Maybe it's a lot. I don't know. But anyway, I'll now tell you what I have.

My wonderful, sexy husband does have beautiful dark hair (which I seldom get to see since he always has a military haircut) with gorgeous blue eyes and he is incredibly good looking. (No, not just in my opinion! hehe) But he's 2 and half years younger than me and about a half inch shorter than me but don't tell him because he thinks we are the same height. He tries to be romantic and over the years has been much more successful at it. He takes good care of me and provides well for our family and he even (though some what begrudgingly) lets me stay home with the kids.

The job? HA! He's in the army! He came in enlisted almost 14 years ago but is now a Warrant Officer. (I almost refused to marry him when he joined but that's another story.)

He's very smart but it's hard to convince him of that sometimes.

In most everything else we are exact opposites! Me? I love romance movies and books. Him? the bloodier and more violent the better! Even the TV shows we like are different and he watches much more TV than I like.

Our political views are often different. Our backgrounds? Total opposites! I'm "miss goody two shoes" and he's "a rebel without a cause"!

Even though, I love him with all my heart and not a second goes by that I don't think about him and wish his arms were around me.

Do I get mad at him? Absolutely!

Have I ever thought about divorce? Honestly? Yes, and if you ask him you'd get the same answer. (Though they were never more than just a passing thought.)

He drives me insane and I know I do him.

But I love him more than that.

Love is so much more than stature, looks, job, and such.

Love is a need, a desire. One so deep and thirsty that it can't be quenched.

Does my husband feel this way? I don't know you'd have to ask him but I know that he believes us to be opposites too and I know that he loves me dearly.

I hear him talk to others about love and marriage and I'm always so proud of him. We are opposites but when it comes to love... we see eye to eye or heart to heart.

Love is a lot of hard work. I hate how fast some people give up. In society today everyone wants easy, quick fixes. There are no quick fixes in Love. You have to work hard at it everyday but if you do ... it is soooo worth it.

That's just my two cents worth.


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  2. you are definitely wise!!

    I always said I'd never marry a preacher because I didn't want to move around. HA! Be careful what you wish for!!! It is sooooo true!

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  4. That's funny. Poor thing. I know that being a preacher's wife (or spouse) is really hard. It's proabaly worse than being a PK! ;o)But then to be a soldier's wife too!! Whew...

  5. Well, I found your post endearing, M22! Your man is really lucky.

  6. Thanks. I try to tell him that all the time! ;o) hehehe