Monday, February 06, 2006

Morning ramblings...

It's early here. Well, early for me. I love to sleep in but today am unable so here I am.

We missed DH's call last night. (really sad pouty face) We were only out for 30 minutes to pick up DS from a party at church. It's 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back. Oh well, we talk to him REALLY often but I still get sad when we miss his call. I miss him so very much.

DS came home complaining for a sore throat. Poor kid. By the end of the Super Bowl he had a fever and ached all over. So, needless to say he has a Doctor's appointment this afternoon. I hate that he was at that party sick and may have exposed all those kids to whatever he has. I'm still holding out hope that it's just allergies. We'll see.

Did you watch the Super Bowl? DS did. He watched it all the way through. I watched a few of the commercials. There were some pretty cute ones. Mostly I just sat at the computer hoping DH would call again. Hehe I wrote him a letter too and I also read several stories and books to DD. She was totally not into the Super Bowl and was already trying to be sick so she doesn't have to go to school today.

She is so funny. She starts faking really early. She really loves school but she loves to be home too. She is very torn by the question of whether or not she wants to homeschool. We'll let her do whatever she chooses.

Wow, what a wide variety of topics I've discussed in this post. I just flow from one subject to the other. This is how my mind works though. DH says this is how I talk to. He thinks it's hard to keep up with me sometimes. My thoughts are always whirling. It drives me crazy but it's been that way most of my life so I'm pretty used to it.

See what I mean!! I just did it again. Oh well. That's me. See you are getting to know me without really knowing me. Interesting..... Well, it's almost time to get DD up for school. I'm going to let DS sleep in today.

Until next time...


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  2. Well, I just flow from one subject to the next and back again at random. It drives DH crazy. Did you get my email?

  3. Yes, thanks. I need to check with D on the week after.

  4. Just a quick update... DS has a bad cold with post nasal drip that is making his throat hurt so he has meds and will hopefully feel better soon.

  5. Oh good. I'm glad it wasn't something contagious. I always worry about exposing other kids also.