Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Honey

I've really been missing DH lately. I've been fighting off the sadness that goes with that. Sometimes are easier than others. It just hurts so bad during those hard times. I'm doing okay at this very moment.

I'm actually sitting up watching the weather. We are having tornado watches here and warnings all around us. The kids are in bed but keep coming out to make sure that I'm awake and watching the weather so that I can come get if them necessary to go to the basement. Poor kids. It looks like most of it is going just north of us and just south of us. we are getting a lot of lightning and high winds and some rain and the wind and lightning are what is scaring the kids. I stepped out onto the porch earlier and it does look nasty out there.

I'm really ready for bed. I would fall right asleep but... I feel like I need to stay awake just in case. I'm sure it's silly but there is one storm that looks like it might hit us so... stay awake I will.

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