Friday, April 14, 2006

What a lovely day....

It really is. The morning started out not so good but has gotten better.

DS woke up but was very down and lethargic. It bothered me but then he started vomiting. Poor thing was sick all morning. It was rough too because he hadn't really eaten much since Wednesday at supper. He seems to be feeling better now though and has even eaten a little.

DD and I ran out for a quick hour to get me some shoes for Easter and DS some 7up and DH some razors (can you believe they ran out over there? Maybe that means a beard is now authorized! NOT!!!) and DD wanted to get some gloves and a new purse for Easter. She is going to be an elegant little darling on Easter morning. She has style! and she's beautiful to boot.

When we got home we ate quick lunch and have been playing outside ever since. I turned on the sprinkler because I want to spray the yard for bugs (ticks and such) but it says you should water first so... DD is out playing in it. She is having a ball. The dog is with her and he likes it too.

The wind is really blowing. I will definitely have to wait until tomorrow to spray. It's a beautiful day though. Nice and warm (okay hot) but windy. DS came out for a little while and sat with us. He even played a little. Now he's in the house now playing a game.

We are so fortunate to have such a nice yard. It's got lots of trees and because few have fences it seems so big. We are wanting to put up a fence eventually. I want a nice picket fence. One that's not too tall so I can still see and maybe the deer and can still visit but that will still keep the other little dogs out. I look forward to it.

You know there is so much we'd like to do to our yard and house but it's all so expensive. I can't get over how much things are costing these days! It seems so unreal. But I guess with the price of gas what it is everything has to go up. It's frightening really. Sometimes I wonder how we will get by when gas gets up to $3 a gallon but... then I think of those that are less fortunate than us and I'm amazed at what they can do. Sometimes I think about us after I quit my job and DS was a baby and I'm amazed at what we were able to get by on. So I guess we will manage now.

Well, it's time to move the water again and before I know it, it will be time to cook dinner so... until next time...

1. dentists
2. a beautiful yard
3. people who care about us
4. the breeze
5. family near and far

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