Monday, April 17, 2006

What a lovely day. It's been very busy but nice. We just got home from a nice walk. The kids wanted to take their scooters. I hate that. They get too far ahead of me or they stay right on top of me and the dog. The first part of the walk was awful but they finally got in the groove and it ended up nice.

We had a very nice dinner of Chicken and Rice. DD wanted corn on the cob but with DS's injuries he had to have corn in butter sauce. DD ended up eating it too because she has a loose tooth. Then for dessert I bought some butter cake. It was yummy!!

I have lots I need to get to this week. (I know, I always do.) But I want to get some paperwork filed and put away and shredded. I need to keep up with the laundry and then I want to work on a scrapbook I'm doing for DS and I want to see about starting another craft I've been thinking about doing. Oh, and I want to spray the yard for bugs. I've done part of it but ran out of spray so I had to run and get some more and now I need to finish.

DH sent me a wonderful email this morning. It was a marvelous way to wake up. He is so wonderful. He called tonight and we had a nice visit. I love to visit with him.

Here is an Easter picture.


  1. What beauties. They are just darling. No wonder you are so proud.