Saturday, May 06, 2006

Let's catch up....

I've been absent again, much too long. Sorry. It seems I've had so much to say and so much going through my mind that I've just not said anything!! Soooo not me!!! I'm a definite talker!

Anyway, we've been busy but not busy all at the same time. This week we've had a dentist appointment, blood work, a visit to the vet, church pictorial directory pictures, visiting home-bound and then all the regular stuff! I don't like busy weeks like this.

I've been reading a couple of books. One is a fiction book called, "Divining Women" by Kaye Gibbons. It is very good and I'm really enjoying it. It started out a little ... ummm... not exactly slow but it was ... well, a hard read in that the last few years, I've been reading some really easy reading books. I'm having to think to read this one and actually, I'm enjoying it.

I'm also reading "Simple Abundance". It's a daily readings type book and I'm really enjoying it too. It has daily readings that are dated so I've started in January. I love it.

I've also been trying to exercise more and am enjoying it a great deal. DD has been joining me in the evenings and we've had a ball walking and talking. She is just so incredibly precious. What a time we've been having.

DD has decided she wants to live "by the country". She said we'd need a cow. You know for milk and butter because "They don't have stores by the country, do they?" She also wants a veggie garden and some chickens.

DS has decided that he wants to live off the land and go hunting (he thinks maybe with a bow) for our food. That is sooooo funny!! My kids are such picky eaters!! They only eat a few things. Chicken nuggets and french fries, spaghetti, hot dogs... you get the idea. So the idea of them living "off the land" is just hilarious to me.

DH has had to travel some the last week and it always worries me. We've also not really been being able to talk as much. I'm so ready for him to come home! I miss him so very much. Oh, by the way his traveling is over for a while.

Well, I think we are all caught up on me now, so now it's your turn. Tell me about you! Come on over to the front porch and grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage and we'll chat awhile.

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