Saturday, July 08, 2006

Busy today...

That's what we are. We are having company soon so we are busy cleaning house. Yes, I have tied on my apron and am "going to town" on my house!

I even cleaned out the linen closet, and cleaned out under the sink in the kids bathroom. I have them put their towels up and well, they never seem to remain folded so... that is now done.

I cleaned up the "office" area as best I could for now and it is presentable.

I have also cleaned the top of the dryer off and wiped down both the washer and dryer so that it looks better too.

I now need to get busy in my bedroom and bath. I always put it off till because usually no one really goes in there but this time will a different story so.... it's off to work I go... tralalala.


  1. hope you got all your chores done!

  2. You remember those posters they had back in the forty's that promoted a womens work force? I think the lady was holding a wrench or something and had a bandana on? Anyway, you need to get one of those.

    Also, well done on the cleaning of the office...just in case your guests need to type professional documents in some sort of an emergency or even worse!...just imagine the embarassment if those same guests decided to temporarily place items under the sink in your kids bathroom!

    You haven't missed a thing!

  3. Thanks ms*robyn, I did pretty good I think.

    Rolligun! You never know when someone might just have one of those emergencies!! Also, I know first hand about how some people like to look in people's bathroom cabinets!! Some just can't help themselves!!

    But it was cleaning that was long over due in this house and I'm glad I got it done. ;oP