Thursday, July 06, 2006

Vintage Housekeeper?

I really wish! But to tell the truth, I'm not really even much of a housekeeper!! I want to be. I really do but I think I have a terrible case of the lazies.

I also have this terrible addiction to this dang computer! See, my idea of housekeeping seems to be READING ABOUT IT!!! I start out with great intentions. I'm just going to get on here to get ideas and suggestions. You know, like schedules, and things to motivate. Then that is all I end up doing!! READING!

I've got to get past this! I've never been a great housekeeper but I used to be much better than I am now. I really do think that I can link it all to when we got the Internet but it's really just me being lazy!

I will say that I do do good for a day or two but then something happens and I miss one day or one thing and then it takes me days or even weeks to get myself together again! (It's the same with exercise.) Oh me... Any suggestions? Other than a maid! hehehe keep them short too so that I won't spend too much time reading them! hehehehe

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  1. I think we are all like this - well, those of us who are truthful. I know I spend way too much time reading on the net & my home suffers for it. Just today - I made a promise to myself to only allow so much time on the net during the day. A little time early in the morning to answer emails, then off until my chores are done.. then maybe a little time as I have afternoon tea -then off til the evening after dinner when everyone else is watching tv...we will see how that goes.