Sunday, July 30, 2006


First let me say that I love to cook. I always have. I'm not a spectacular cook but I'm definitely not a bad cook.

Now for the confession... I am the queen of eating out!! It's terrible! I know. We eat out all the time and it is almost always JUNK FOOD!! I know... I'm so ashamed.

But! I've been trying to fix it lately. We've been eating at home a lot lately and I am so very glad. We've not been eating the best but it's been better.

Today we did awesome! We ate breakfast. It was descent. Lunch was wonderful. I almost broke and went out once again but thankfully I didn't. We had french toast and it was great!! And I don't mean store bought french toast sticks, I mean I put the bread in the egg mixture and everything!

Oh, I forgot to mention that my children are the most pickiest eaters alive! So when they ate the french toast and liked it and even raved over and said that we need have it really often, I nearly fainted! With the french toast we had bacon, clementines and milk.

Then for supper we had turkey smoked sausage, green beans (my neighbor canned some gave me some), and a potato dish we love. The kids cleaned their plates!! I wish they would more often. Maybe we are on a new road to eating well.

I've been trying forever to get us on that road. It doesn't help that none of us like veggies. I'm probably the worst about it but I'm learning. I've really been trying hard to learn to eat them and cook them. But at least we are eating at home again and if nothing else saving a little money.

So I'm still working on it and hopefully we will continue our new road.


  1. Eating at home does take effort and commitment but what a great way to save money. We do not eat out very often and find when we do eat out it is a treat. Congratulations on making small changes..veggies my kids like: baby carrots w/ranch, cucumbers, green beans, peas, corn, bell peppers sliced.

  2. It's hard when you have little ones. Mine are 17 & 12 and I still have to make two dinners sometimes. Grrrr!

  3. Well, we didn't do too good yesterday. I'm not to confess about it yet though...

    My kids loved veggies when they were little, up until about the 4 or 5 and then that was over. DD will eat the occassional carrot but only with ranch and she sometimes eats a salad. DS? I have to force him to eat 3 green beans! He just doesn't like any veggies. I didn't either though. I'm only just now really get to where I'll some. So... you see where they get it.

  4. eating out is easy, I know but there are so many chemicals in the food and so much hidden fat & sugar. take it slowly and don't beat yourself up if you go out for take away. I find it a help if I have a weeks' menu planned - homemade pizzas are good - and easy. Look at all the great recipe blogs - there are some good ones out there. get inspired! good for you Sherri! xox

  5. I sat down Monday night and did just that, miss*r. I planned my menu for the rest of the week and then bought my groceries and now we are set! At least for the week. We did have lunch planned at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow to meet with some friends we've not seen much of lately. But all the other meals are planned! Now if we will just stick to it!