Thursday, July 27, 2006


What are yours? Dreams are a funny thing. They change often but do they really? I think we move them over sometimes for other dreams but I'm not sure they really change.

Why is it that some people set their dreams aside... OH!!! I just a moment... I think when I started typing this I was feeling a little like George Bailey.

You know, he kept putting off his dream for his family, first his father, then his brother, and the he just seemed to be stuck. In the end he realized he really had everything he needed and wanted.

So... I guess I should just let this go for now... I know that I have everything, it just seems like something is missing but it's probably all in mind so never mind.

How about you share your dreams!


  1. you know, I have a dream journal and ever since it has been beside my bed, I haven't had a dream to note!

  2. That's funny. Seems very typical! I love to write and I'm constantly writing stories in my head but as soon as I have a pen in my hand or a tape recorder ready to take it down, they are gone. It's just not fair.