Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well, let's see... where to begin.... we've been busy but at the same time lazy. Is that possible? Hmm.... Anyway, I have lots of catching up to do around the house and I should be doing that now, not typing on here but.... we all know how feel about housework...

DS cleaned the living room yesterday but it needs tiding up again. The kitchen always needs my attention. It's our catch all room. I know, it should be just a table, or a counter or something but no, we have a catch all ROOM. I'm working on it.

I've been a little preoccupied with the news lately. Can believe what all is going on in our world? It's crazy. I do feel a little upset that we can't get a cease-fire and then work on disarming Hezbollah but...

I hate seeing all the destruction on both sides. I can't bear it when they show the civilians standing on the sidewalk in awe and shock crying. It just breaks my heart. When they start showing that I have to turn the channel because I start crying so hard.

I hate war. There is nothing good about it. It tears families apart. It destroys so very much and so much is lost that can never be brought back. It's a truly terrible thing. I hate it even more that wars seem to be a religious thing so often and that just seems so... backwards to me. Not at all what God would want from us. It leaves me feeling so lost and angry and yes, even a little confused.

I had the news on for minute last night at bedtime and there was a Congressman on that was talking about all this and as he said that the head of Hezbollah was killed he smiled and seem almost deliriously happy. That made me so very sad. I was actually shocked, even though I should be used to it by now.

But I don't think we should ever be happy to hear of someone's death, no matter who they are! I know this person was not what we would call a good person but... I don't know I just don't believe that we are supposed to kill. I know in war that happens but should we really be HAPPY about it? Shouldn't we be sad for them? Sad that they had done such terrible things before they died? Sad that we weren't able to help this person? Sad?

See my confusion? It's a very frustrating thing for me. Even as I was typing it I was having a very hard time with it. I guess I'm more upset about the fact that this Congressman was happy about the death than the actual death because in war death is inevitable but I don't think we should be happy it, at least not so very openly. (No, we should be happy about it.)

Wow, sorry if I got deep on you there. It happens from time to time. Not usually on here... but it was probably due to happen eventually.

Well, I'm going to leave the war for a while and listen to some music and work around the house a bit. Have a good day!


  1. My "What?!" moment was when Bill Bennett of The Book of Virtues fame said we should "give war a chance." You're not alone M22.

  2. UGH!!!!! You are kidding me!! What is wrong with this world!!!

  3. I, too, absolutely hate the state the world is in right now. All of the escalating violence over in Israel/Lebanon is making it that much more likely that my darling husband will be deployed soon. And that thought is one I just can't let into my head/heart right now with all these little munchkins running around... To change the subject and perhaps brighten an otherwise bleak day, I got my package today!!! OMGoodness! LOVE IT ALL! Mine was woefully pathetic in comparison -- I love everything! As soon as I get a chance, I'll post a photo over at Roman Holiday! THANK YOU!

  4. Leanne, you are so very welcome and I was afraid that mine would pale to yours!!

    My DH is due home soon from his deployment and I worry about how long he will get to stay home. I know it won't be for more than year but I want my full year!!

    Is your DH in the reserves or active duty?

  5. good to see you gals are so happy with your swaps - that is what it is all about. now make sure you both do some pampering! as to the war - I think every single person is shocked once again by the needless killing of innocent people. I don't have an answer, wish I did.

  6. Hi ms*robyn,
    I love the swaps. They are a lot of fun. Thanks again for all the work you do setting them up for us.

    It is a sad state that the world seems to be in right now. Prayers... I guess that's the answer. It's the only one I have anyway.