Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another day...

Right now we are waiting on the AC man to come to see what he can do about our upstairs AC. It only works sometimes.

I'm cooking as I wait. We were going to have home made pizza but I didn't want to use the oven since we are having a hard time cooling things off as it is. So we are having "crazy noodles". That's what my kids call different types of pasta all cooked together. DS will also have a spaghetti sauce with it. DD just butter.

Well, the AC men just left and it was frozen. They don't know why and didn't do anything but thaw it out by turning on the heat. UGH!! This happened last year too. Well, I'll just keep calling them until they figure it out.

Now I am sitting here watching the news. It is all so sad. I just keep worrying about DH. He's so close to coming home and I worry that he might get stuck. I know that his job isn't one that would get him stuck really but I can't help but worry. Then I heard of another death of a soldier that was from here (stationed here). And then a friend told me someone she knows here that was recently wounded over there. So, so sad.

Then to watch the other war is crazy too! It just said that a Palestinian refugee camp was hit. It's terrible. So very sad. Such sadness.

With all this war and sadness I almost feel guilty! Just yesterday when DH called I told him how very lucky I am... I have a wonderful marriage, and a husband that I truly love and that loves me. I have great kids that I really love and with whom I really love to spend time! I told him how hard it must be for some of the wives and families. We know a few that I feel so bad for because they don't seem to have all this. It's hard to imagine, but there are some out there that don't enjoy spending a lot of time with their kids. Go figure. (IMHO they didn't or don't discipline them well enough and haven't taught them to behave and therefore they aren't easy to be around.) Anyway, like I said, I am a very lucky, fortunate, blessed (whatever you want to call it) woman.

Oh, well... I can't save the world. I want to but... all I can do is try to love and pass it on to others. I wrote an email to a cousin of mine today and I like what I said so I'll share it here.

"I wish we could all learn to accept each other and all our differences and just live peacefully together as friends. You never know! We just might could learn a little from each other. "

And with that I'll tell you goodnight, dear cyber friends, pray for peace.


  1. sometimes we can get bogged down with worry. I wish I had an answer but I don't so you just do what you can and then you need to release the worries to the angels or God or whoever you feel is your guiding light. xxox

  2. Change the filters quickly. We had ours freeze and it burned out the heat pump and now $2000 later, we have ac in the upstairs.

    It is awful when the ac does not work.

  3. I had been changing the filters regularly. It froze up again yesterday afternoon and I called the AC man again and he came right out and replaced something and said it should now be fixed. I hope so!!! Thanks.