Saturday, August 05, 2006

The the wars.

It's terrible. I don't watch the news much, I must confess. I watch in spurts. Some days, I watch for a few minutes, some days, I can't take my eyes off it, and then others, sometimes for many days at a time, I don't watch at all. My main reason for not watching is my worry for DH. I worry enough without seeing all that is going on in that part of the world. (I do read the headlines everyday.)

The wars, I look at them both. Supposedly separate but so very close that they could easily spill over into each other and that frightens me to no end.

First and foremost, I want my other half home. NOW, safe and sound.

Next, I want it all to end! I'm tired of the hatred. I'm tired of war being in God's name. They aren't really religious wars, none of them are or were. (No, not even the crusades.) They are all about power and I get angry that they try to say it's for religion. War is about power, plain and simple.

I doubt very seriously that God put us here on this beautiful Earth to kill one another. No, I think He had hope that we would love each other, care for one another, care for this home He gave us and by doing all of that we would be serving Him the best way possible. I'm afraid we have sorely disappointed Him.

Now, how in the world did I get on my soap box?? I'm sorry about that.


  1. I think of you & your husband every day. xox
    good post ms*sherri xxo

  2. Thanks for your comment to my posting "What If" on my blog,

    Tell your friends so that the word can be spread that there are others who have a military background but find war is not the solution.

    In peace

  3. Written well! I have been bothered by it all too.
    Hope you and the family are doing well. Wish I had more time to chat etc. So much going on...I had a reality check last week. My neighbor's husband was wounded and is still on life support. I am really looking forward to their homecoming..but am really praying for their safety right now. It's so crazy!
    Take care,