Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hanging out on my cyber porch...

Well, that seems to be what I'm doing today. I have lots of other stuff to be doing but instead, here I sit on my cyber porch checking in on friends and finding new ones.

I love my cyber porch. I've been reading a lot of blogs today. There are so many interesting people out there. It's amazing to me. And so many of them write so well, and so expressively. It makes me jealous. I want to write like that too! Well, I have my good days but they seem too few and far between!

I was reading on one blog about how they ate a fully home grown meal! How wonderful! Nothing was store bought. AWESOME!! This same person also has a wonderful cabin by the river. How lovely. I love the river. Well, not the one near us. It's rather murky.

I remember going to our FR (family reunion) in Colorado a lot and I loved stopping at the road side parks for picnics and playing in the cool water of the river! The water was always so clear and cool. I remember dreaming of building a house on the river and dreaming of playing in it all summer! Our FR was on a river and I loved playing in it too. Some areas we could swim in others we just waded. It was wonderful! I miss that.

I've read about a group bloggers out to help a fellow blogger in need. How wonderful! They are having an auction. You can go read about it at Hidden Haven Homestead. How wonderful is that! You couldn't be luckier than to be in that neighborhood!

I also read a wonderful post by a fellow United Methodist over at Thoughts From the Heart on the Left . And as always, I checked out my friends at Driving Miss Robyn and Roman Holiday. There is just such goodness out there. Someone should notify the media!

Now, I guess my lounging on the cyber porch has got to stop. I'm off (for real this time) to get some things done! Until next time, dear cyber friends, have a wonderful week.


  1. Hello sweet Sherri xo - you say you use to dream of building a house by the river - well my sweet: follow those dreams, they are the inspiration for your life. Hold those dreams in your heart, give them to the angels, you just never know. nothing is impossible.
    thankyou for the mention & YOU ARE part of our neighbour hood for sure. Our doors are always open to you. And I think of you as a true friend. much love always, R xo

  2. Thank you miss*R. That is sweet. I check in on you nearly everyday but lately I've just not had time to comment. Sorry.

    Oh, I still dream of home on the river. Maybe someday.

    You are sweet.