Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The weather...

What has your weather been like today?? We have had a wonderfully cool day. We've been out here nearly the whole day. It's been great. The kids are playing now. I love to see them playing so well together. They have their good days and their bad, just like all siblings do, but lately we've had more bad than good so I'm so very grateful for this wonderful day that we could spend outside.

They had a good homeschooling day too. It was a slow one but good. I think sometimes, we just really need to slow down. Sometimes I just try to do everything so fast and furious that within a day or too I'm totally exhausted and we are all cranky! This was wonderful.

We spent part of the morning cleaning up the deck. We swept, and watered the plants. We rearranged the disarrayed furniture and we hung the table cloth out to air and also a quilt that DD and I like to sit on sometimes to play. Then we cleaned out a flowerbed that was terribly over grown. I had been wanting to do so for a very long time but it has just been too hot. Today seemed the perfect day for it. The kids worked so hard at it with me. They really amazed me. They seemed to really enjoy this work.

It's funny, we have talked about getting a little bit of property but in the end we talk about it being a lot of hard work but I really think we would all enjoy it.

UGH!!! That dog just came back and paid a visit!! I just looked up and there it was running at my dog fast and furious. I tried to let them just handle it as I slowly walked up to get it to take it back home but eventually it looked ugly so I had to hold my dog until DS could get it to head home. It really drives me crazy. Oh well.

Well, we need to start getting ready for church tonight. I just thought I'd share about our wonderful day. Have a wonderful evening, dear cyber friends.

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