Monday, September 04, 2006

Good Morning, dear cyber friends!!! Well, dh is home and I am so very glad to have him home safe and sound. He is back at work this morning and I thought I'd just post a quick note here.

He got home late Saturday night. It was a really nice welcome home. His last one they just walked off the bus and into our arms and then straight to the car to go to the motor pool to pick up his bags and such. The end.

This time is was awesome!! We were outside when the plane landed screaming and waving. There were posters and banners and flags. It was great. DH came off the plane waving and the crowd started screaming even more. Then he saw us just kept waving and the kids were screaming, "There he is!! There he is! That's Daddy!!"

Then we all went back inside as they formed up. Then the band started playing and they opened the hanger doors and in they marched. The hanger was filled with screaming family members, more waving, more banners, more flags. I know that it really meant a lot to all of our soldiers. There was lots of sitting around and waiting before he arrived and lots more after but it was all worth it.

The kids are so very excited and so is mom of course. It's been a quiet reunion. We've been taking it slow and are just enjoying sitting together. DH has spent a lot time on the phone calling family members to let them know he is home and everyone is greatly relieved. We've been window shopping a bit but mostly we have just been being together.

It is wonderful to have him home. He's so glad to be back too. When he was on leave it was a little overwhelming to him and think that's why we are moving so slowly now. But you know it's been so nice. We are truly enjoying it.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Thanks to all who have been praying for us. Don't ever stop praying for all of our troops. They need them all, they all need them, where ever they are, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Germany, Italy, here at home, where ever, they need prayers always. Don't forget them and don't forget their families.

(Also, just on a sad note, The Crocodile Hunter has died. He's touched many lives and will be greatly missed. Prayers to his family.)


  1. Yea! Welcome Home DH!

    I was sadden at the the news of Steve Irwin's death also. The only 'Crocodile Hunter' show I watched was about his life and I was so moved by the fact that all the passion and excitement he had for reptiles was also directed at his wife and two kids. My favorite part was him talking about meeting his wife and then when his daughter was born. He was running around the maternity hall with his baby saying, "Look at this one!' and the other people were politely saying, "Yes, we have one too." His reply was, "Yes but you haven't got one like mine." :-)

  2. I know what you mean. DS was very upset when I told him. He loves the show. DH didn't believe me when I told him. He was neat guy.