Friday, January 05, 2007

Another day

It's cloudy here, but it still seems like a nice day. I guess it's all in perception, how we are feeling. I'm feeling pretty good today.
The kids and I had fun yesterday. You can about it over at Our Homeschooling Adventure we played a game and read together. We wanted to see about making our own candles like the pioneers did using the dipping method but I'm afraid it would too expensive for us right now. Plus I would need everything because I know nothing about doing this but it looks fun! Any advice?

We are trying to get our spending back under control. Christmas took it's toll on our budget. We have made a great first step, we are eating our meals at home. We are doing great with it too. We did eat out last night but it was the first time in a month! That's awesome for us. We had planned on cooking out but it was raining so... I'm trying to make due too with the tidbits of food we have in the house and not run out and buy groceries just to be buying. And one last thing... we have added Google Ad Sense to our blogs so please, please, please click on the ads. Every little bit helps!

Well, I need to go and get busy with the kids. We have to go get a birthday present for a neighbor child that has become very good friends with DD. Have a wonderful day, dear cyber friends. Enjoy all that's around you.

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