Friday, January 05, 2007

Down on my back...

YUCK! I don't know how it happened but suddenly out of no where today my lower back is killing me! I even have some pain in one leg. Oh, it's terrible.

Needless to say not a lot has got done today. We did get most of our school work done just not the extra fun stuff I had planned.

I've soaked in a warm bath and sat on a massage pad thingy and none of it helped. I took some Motrin too.

Send me healing thoughts, friends. Mom's just can't be down on their back! It's impossible!


  1. Hi Sherrie! this is called sciatica - many women get it and most times it is due to childbirth and also lifting and bending the wrong way. Back exercises are important. If you can get to a physiotherapist they will give you some back exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your back. Pilates is good also. hope it gets better soon, there is nothing worse than back pain :(

  2. Thanks Robyn. This has happened to me many times but it is usually from me moving wrong or something. This time it just started hurting. YUCK. I'm feeling a lot better, not 100% yet but much better. Thanks!