Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm Tired.

Yep, I am. No reason other than it's cloudy outside. Clouds always make me tired.

I have lots I need to do. I never seem to get any of it done. I'm always on here. I have got to get off!!! I may just turn off my computer for a while. I can check my email on DH's or the kids and then immediately get off. This computer takes up too much of my life.

I have lots of straightening up to do and then I need to do some school planning too. I need to start a to do list and then just mark things off as I go and add as needed. I used to do this but haven't in a while and well, I need to. I think it helps to see what needs to be done so that I can actually do it.

Well, that's what I'll be doing. That and DD has an orthodontist appointment today. Poor thing she is scared. Today they are putting the "apparatus" in. They never told us a name for it so... Anyway, that's what we are doing this afternoon and then I'm getting busy!!!!

Have a wonderful day, dear friends and let me hear from you! It gets lonely sometimes on this little porch of mine.

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