Friday, February 09, 2007


We've had a nice day today. Slow and easy but productive all the same. The kids work was mostly work they could do on their own, so I was able to do some things too.

I worked on straightening up the kitchen some and I did a little laundry too. I straightened up my bathroom and made the bed up properly. I planned dinner for tonight and went through some recipes.

I even got to do a little writing today. Yea!! I'm thinking about writing an ebook about my adventure homeschooling as a military wife. I don't know though if anyone would be interested in it or not though so... We'll see.

It's cold here today. Is it where you are? I'm sitting at the kitchen table typing this and my hands and nose are cold.

The kids are watching a movie called "Rigoletto" it seems pretty good. It's one DD picked out. I'm getting ready to go doll myself up a bit before DH gets home. I've not been doing that much lately. Time has just been getting away from me DH is home before I know it! So I'm off now to go and do this. Have a wonderful weekend!

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