Monday, February 12, 2007


Good morning dear cyber friends,

I have lots to get to today so this will be quick. I have a kitchen to clean back up, sheets to change, quilts to mend, teaching to do, dinner to prepare, and letters to write.

Our church had a chili cook off last night so DH worked on his chili until time to head out and then when we got home we were all so tired we just went to bed, so I have the mess to clean up now. It's not really too bad, but it has to be done.

My sheets are in the washer so I've started there.

I have several quilts that need mending. We are evidently very hard on our quilts. Either that or our quilts are cheaply made. Could be either one. One of them is probably at least 10 years old and the other is only about 4 years old. They were both probably bought at Wal-mart so they probably are cheaply made. Anyway, I have mending to do.

The kids are both working on their math on their own right now and dinner is planned I just need to throw it in the crockpot. The letters I'll try to get to as soon as I finish here. So, hopefully I'll be able to get it all done. Well, the quilts will take time but I want to get them started.

Have a wonderful week, dear cyber friends.

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