Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Melt down???

I think DD just had one. I was very calm in talking with her just now and she was just crying and crying. I was getting on to her a little but not really. I'm trying to get her to follow instructions. Not and easy task!

Anyway, our crock-pot meals are still going great. I made a wonderful dish last night that was TOO good!! Meaning, I didn't want to stop eating it!! YUM!

We have been busy this week. We've had trips to the library and all kinds of stuff. BUSY!

DS has decided he wants an allowance so I told him he had to earn it. So he has been working very hard to keep the living room clean and trying to stay on top of the kitchen dishes too but that's a hard one. He's doing pretty good though.

I joined a Bible study at church and I'm having a terrible time staying on top of the reading. There is a lot! I always have interruptions and it makes it really hard. It's not exactly what I thought it would be but it has been interesting.

DH has not had to go to PT in the mornings this week and boy have we been lazy! I have got to stop the sleeping late but with the cold mornings it's so nice to just snuggle up to DH and stay all cozy and warm. I need to get up and exercise though or read my Bible study or start to work on the house! But snuggles are good too.

I have pictures to post later of our snow last week. The kids had a ball playing. I'll try to get them on here in a day or two.

Have a great week!


  1. mother and daughters - ahh. when my daughter was little, i would leave little 'love' notes for her - just letting her know she was special. your daughter is 7? how about just a little piece of pink paper with some xoxo on it? rachel ashwell did this for her daughter too. then as they get older you can have a journal where you can write to each other..hope she is ok. it is sometimes difficult being a little girl xoxo

  2. You know, when my kids went to public school I always sent little notes in their lunch boxes. Just recently DS told me it sometimes embarrassed him. Oh well.

    I had been thinking about the journal thing lately. I think it is really a neat idea. Great way to start discussions.

    DD is fine now, she was fine 3 minutes later. She just hates to not be perfect and she hates even more for anyone to tell her she did something wrong. She can handle little mistakes but just barely!