Saturday, April 21, 2007


Well, leave it to me! Something bad always happens when DH is gone and well, this time it was me. I cut myself on Thursday afternoon. It's a pretty laceration but I'll live. The kids were pretty brave and have been a great help. My neighbor took me to the hospital and I have 4 stitches. It's my right hand which makes things very hard but we are getting by. DS is doing most of the work around the house and DD is helping too. Poor DH. He'll be coming home to a bit of a mess. He called while I was at the hospital so the kids told him about it and then he couldn't get a hold me of until much later but I convinced him I'm fine. I get my stitches out in 8 or 9 days now. I may have some permanent numbness in my finger but I still a have a finger!

So, it's hard to type so I'm probably not going to be round much until I get my stitches out. So now you know where I am. Have a great weekend!

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