Friday, April 13, 2007

Lazy day...

We are having a fairly lazy day today. That's not fair, really. The kids cleaned up the living room and I've been washing clothes so I guess it's not too lazy but it feels like it.

DS is writing on the computer and DD is playing a game right now. I'm just sitting here, thinking about planting my strawberries but not sure where to do it. I'm just not sure that the place I had planned on will get enough sun. It's gets good morning sun but that's it. So now I'm trying to decide if we should go get some containers to put out front or what. I don't really want to spend money though so... I don't know what I'm going to do. UGH!!! Suggestions welcome!!

That's where we are. We had a decent night last night. I fell right back into my old deployment habit of staying up late and putting off going to bed again but other than that it was fine. The kids are doing great and I just keeping thinking one day down!

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  1. Erika received Watermelon seeds in her Easter basket. I can't wait to share updates on whether or not we have green thumbs!!?? Good luck and we will continue to pray for your loved one.