Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hello dear cyber friends,

It seems like forever since I really posted on here. I know I posted a little ditty on Sunday but it was just a quick note.

We have been so very busy. The kids and I are trying to finish out the year and I'm trying to get everything organized for next year. Plus we had our trip which kind of threw us off kilter for a while.

Then DH has been getting ready for his little trip to one of the unpleasant places in the world and honestly, it takes a lot of out of a person. It's a short trip but it just scares me knowing he is in one of those dangerous places. I won't rest easily until he's back home.

Then to make matters worse! They announced yesterday that the army will now be doing 15 month rotations!! YUCK!!! So it's not bad enough that DH is getting ready for his 3rd year long deployment, but it's no longer for year but for 15 months!!

I'm sure that those of who have experienced deployments know this already but for those of you that haven't.... the last 3 months of a 12 month deployment are hard. Morale is low, everyone just wants to get back home. They miss their families. They are tired and all they can think about is their count down and now they are adding 3 MORE MONTHS!!! This will not help morale at all. It's terrible.

I know, there are those of you out there saying, "You signed up for this! This is what you wanted. You knew what you were signing up for!" Well, all I can say to is POOH!!! GET A LIFE! You have no idea what it's like.

The other day my son made a comment about serving his country. I don't really remember what his comment was but my answer was this...

"You do serve your country and have been your whole life. We all have! We too, our little family, serve at the pleasure of the President (even though I DID NOT vote for him) and this United States of America. We serve wholeheartedly and you should be proud of yourself."

Military families serve without pay every day when they kiss their loved goodbye hoping that they will get to kiss them hello again.

Yes, I'm having a bad day today and you are getting the brunt of it. Better you than my children. This is what happens when I have to say good bye.


  1. Thank you for your honesty about this. I can not imagine what it is like sending my honey off to another country to fight especially when I do not agree with this war in the first place. I know all our soldiers need our prayers (and their families). I have tried to look at the individuals instead of the big picture. I pray for wisdom for our nations leaders and a quick end to this craziness. I will pray for you all too as you go through this time again.

  2. Thank you Athena. Thankfully this time it is short but it won't be long before he's gone for another year or so. Thanks for your prayers!