Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Morning Musings

I have a routine every morning. I get dressed and immediately take the dog outside. We have to put him on a lead because we don't have fence AND we have to stay outside with him or he won't do his duty (go figure).

I really don't mind this routine at all, well maybe when it's really cold or pouring down rain, but anyway....

This morning is a such a beautiful morning. The birds were singing their beautiful song. The squirrels were frolicking. There is a very slight cold breeze but the sun is shinning so brightly and warm you hardly notice it. It was refreshing to be outside this morning. It was beautiful, radiant. It makes you forget all the trouble in world for just a moment. If you can, go outside and be blessed this morning by nature.

Also, a friend of mine lead me to this group and I want to share today's message with you. It's an important one especially today. Today's Heartfelt Blessing

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. I posted some artwork of DD yesterday on my other blog. It is really something. Go check it out!

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