Sunday, December 23, 2007


Yes, I guess I'm in the mood for musing today. I was discussing with DH today about how much things have changed, not for better or for worse, just changed. I'm only 38 and I see it, can you imagine what my parents or grandparents must feel???

I was talking today about how even worship services and churches have changed. I remember when the choir director stood in front of the choir and directed the congregation in hymns without a microphone and it sounded wonderful! Now, at least in our church the "song leader" stands at the lectern in front of the mic singing, I guess leading, the hymns. All we can hear is them. I miss hearing the congregation sing together. Hearing all the many, different voices fill the sanctuary will beautiful hymns. Again, not saying this is bad just different and I do miss the other.

I also miss what we as children and then later youth did. I loved our children's choir growing up. We even wore choir robes. When we practiced we sat in a choir room in chairs. We learned the songs by having it picked out on the piano with us following along and we we actually sang, it was just us singing with a piano, not a CD accompanying us sometimes with voices! We put on real plays where we had to memorize parts and walk on and off stage at the right times and sang songs and some sang solos that had been worked on for weeks and we were all well prepared. We had costumes and sets too.

I guess that now people are too busy and so we don't have the time to practice as much and our leaders are too busy to get it all together too, so we make due and have our children just stand in lines and walk to the mic when needed and it turns out really nice but sometimes I feel like my kids are being cheated. Oh, well, at least they get something, I guess. I really shouldn't complain, and I don't mean to be, I'm more nostalgic really. Times have really changed.

Well, I'm thinking about writing a little book, or booklet or ebook about putting the joy back in Christmas or getting back a more traditional time, or a homemade Christmas or something of the sort. What do you think?

Well, I've mused enough for now, have a wonderful Sunday!

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