Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well, we are next in line for these terrible storms that are crossing the nation. I promised the kids I would stay up until the danger of tornadoes is over. Yes, it's looks to be a LONG night.

They both hate storms. Not that anyone really likes them but they are both frightened by them. If they could they would live full time in the basement. I don't blame them really. I don't much like them either and even if I hadn't promised them I'd still be awake for myself. I should really get a weather radio.

We have been very relaxed lately in our school work. They have been getting their math done always and they read a LOT. We've slid some science and history in here and there but we've been crafting and working on the basement a lot. I honestly feel like this is school too but it feels very relaxed. I like it. It feels really good.

DH is doing well. We hear from him regularly and often. We are so very fortunate in that matter. The kids are really doing well with all this. They miss him but they are staying busy and both run for the phone whenever it rings wanting to know who it is and if it's him can they talk. DH has been really busy and is very tired.

Well, I guess that's about it from here. I'll be sitting here waiting on the storms to pass. Have a good night!

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