Friday, April 11, 2008

Boy was it...

Oh yes, it was a VERY long night. The rain didn't even come until after midnight! Then by two everyone was with me. The dog was freaking out but the kids were calm as long as they were downstairs with me.

Then the power went out and the dog freaked out even worse. By then the storm was really past us it was just rain and distant thunder but the dog was crazy. An hour later when it came back the dog was down right INSANE! He ran around the house non stop for at least an hour. I was too tired to mess with him so I dozed until I couldn't hear him running anymore and I put him back on the bed with me. We finally slept but we only had an hour or two until it was time to get up.

My dearest friend Kate read my post from yesterday and has already sent me a weather radio!! How awesome is she? Kate you are the BEST!!! DH laughed when I told him and said "GOOD!" You are so sweet.

Now, I'm tired and heading off to bed. Good night.

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