Monday, November 10, 2008

Question of the day....

The kids and I just finished the movie, "Titanic". It is such a beautiful movie. DS wanted to watch it. I want to ask anyone out there what you think the most beautiful part of the movie is.

I asked the kids and I had to give a hint before DS finally got it. It was a little too deep for DD it was just sad.

So the question of the day is..... What do you think (or guess what I think) is the most beautiful scene in "Titanic"?

I look forward to any answers I get!


  1. My favorite part was the part where I didn't see the movie. full hour of people drowning in a three hour movie is not my idea of a good time.

  2. What a spoils sport!! LOL Yeah, it's not a very uplifting but I love it. It is so very romantic. I had to keep explaining the kids that not everyone in the movie was a real person on board the real Titanic. HA

  3. "What a spoils sport!! "

    I know. Sometimes I miss one of those big movies that everyone talks about and the more time goes by they more it becomes a matter of pride to me that I didn't see it. I'm just contrary. I just saw E.T. a few years ago. I only watched it because I thought the kids would like it.

    I probably would have seen Titanic by now if they had chosen someone hunkier than that kid that the Seavers took in. I did like him a lot in the Aviator though. That movie was more my speed.

  4. I haven't seen Aviator yet. Funny you said that though because as we were watching it I thought, "Wow he looks like a little boy!" But by the end he "looks" different because of all he does. It is a good movie and he and Kate did a great job with it. It is pretty long though. But people aren't dying for the whole time. It's sad though but beautiful.

  5. I liked when she was standing at the front of the boat in the wind, and when they are on the ice and he tries to save her and the part where they are hiding in the car and the portrait painting. Gee...I guess I'd have to watch it again to find a one true favorite or best part.

  6. I like all those too! But the scene with the older couple curling up in bed together as the water comes rushing down the hall... it just gives me goose bumps...