Monday, November 10, 2008

It is so cold here. I love it as long as I'm inside bundled up in a blanket! I'm planning some homemade Chicken Noodle soup for dinner tonight. Oh, I should go make some homemade bread to go with it! YUM! Now I have a plan for the day... Make homemade bread.

Plans... good intentions.... I always have but them lately, haven't been following through. I want to be better.... better at following through..... a better mom.... a better wife...... a better friend.... a better housekeeper.... just better.

I let too many things that just don't matter get in the way of life and I'm really tired of that so... life comes first now. Life as in Living for myself instead of just reading about others or watching others or just wasting time, precious time. So that said.....

Have great day...

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