Sunday, November 02, 2008

You won't believe what I'm doing tonight!

Okay, are you ready for this? I, me, yes, mommy22ss, is spending the evening by myself doing just what I want to do eating what I want to eat! AND, I don't have to share with anyone! It's awesome. It feels wonderful. I don't know why I haven't done it more!

I am watching the movie, "Bed of Roses". I've not ever seen it but have always wanted to so.... I am... and I'm enjoying it. I don't often watch what I want to, I forfeit to the kids and DH. I don't mind but sometimes...

It's funny. People are always asking me, "Do you ever have time for yourself?" My generic answer is usually something like, "Oh, I lock myself in my room every once in a while," or "Then kids go to their groups at the church..." The truth is I usually help at church or am at least there and when I do try to lock myself in my room it is usually only for a few minutes.

I have to say, that I had no idea what I was missing!! This feels so nice. Don't get me wrong, I miss the kids and I definitely miss DH and would give anything for him to be here with me. I just never realized that just might need some time for just me while DH is away. I just can't seem to put it into words. I feel guilty as I write it but I know I shouldn't. It's really only just about 2 hours and that's not too much to spend on just me.

So, as my time draws to an end, I just wanted to share how nice it is spend a little time alone. Oh, and by the way, deployment sucks and 15 months sucks even more!


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying your time to yourself and Amen on the sucking part.

  2. LOL... I had a nice evening. It was only about 2 hours but ... I picked up the kids and then the boy and I watched "The Unit" we had one to catch up on before last nights. How are you guys??