Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, we just left DH at the airport to head back to finish his deployment. It was so sad to have to tell him bye again. I'm so tired of the goodbyes. I can't wait till he retires and the deployments end... for us anyway.

We had a wonderful time while DH was home on leave. We shopped, we played, we ate, we visited, we just spent time together. It was easy to forget that it was going to end.

We were very lucky. DH had a conference in Virginia the week before his leave started and we were able to go up there and stay with him. It added a little to our leave time and that was a wonderful gift. Of course he was gone before we awoke and quick to go to bed right after dinner (jet lag) but at least we were able to watch him sleep and eat dinner with him. It was wonderful!

I feel that we have been incredibly blessed this month by his time with us. Remember, friends, to enjoy every moment you have with your loved ones. You just don't realize how lucky you are to have TIME, time with those you love.

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