Monday, January 05, 2009


Today for some reason, I went back in time... well back in time reading some old posts from several years ago. It was fun and made me realize how much I miss really blogging and how VERY therapeutic it really is for me.

I was reading from Christmases past... from the last deployment. Wow! How much stronger I was then. Really! This Christmas was so much easier as DH was home on leave and we had such a wonderful time.

We did all the things that the army tells you NOT to do while on leave. We spent money and spoiled the kids and probably if truth be told, each other. We just hung out and we ate out (pigged out!) and had fun. Now we didn't go into debt or anything. We only spent money we had but we probably shouldn't have spent as much as we did but you only live once, right! It was great.

It was spoiled a little (understatement) when my DF was diagnosed with prostate cancer on Christmas Eve but because of all the above I was able to push it to the back of my mind...sometimes. Now, with DH is gone it's harder to do. I worry, a lot, but I know he will be fine and all will be okay. The kids and I are going to go spend a couple of days with him before his surgery and have some quality family time with him. If you know me, you know that I don't travel when DH is gone so this is a big deal but it's right for me this time. I'm hoping it will reassure me that he's okay. As DM says, "We'll get through this." I know we will.

So, blogging... therapy... it's probably what I need so maybe... I'll be blogging more... not anyone reads here much anymore but it's more for me right? So for now, I'm off to find the storage thingy that I need to finish putting away my Christmas decorations. I know, I'm behind! Have a wonderful evening!

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