Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Morning

Well, it's Friday. I love Friday's. It's the start of the weekend. Today we have several things we really need to get done. I've got to get the kids registered for Gym and Swim. They gave very short notice on when registration was and we were headed out of town so we missed it.

I need to finish putting a few things away still from Christmas. My back is feeling much better so I have no excuses now.

Then we just need to do some laundry and some cleaning. I ALWAYS have cleaning to do. If only I would stay on top of it then it would be so much easier. Someday maybe I'll learn that trick and actually put it in to play.

Change of subject.... Marriage is hard work. I love it but it's hard work and it takes lots of compromise and understanding. Now, imagine it long distance with a war in the middle!! And the long distance lasting for 15 months. UGH! Talk about hard!

We had a few words yesterday and didn't hang up in our usual loving way. That's the pits!! I immediately started sending my "I love you" emails and my "I'm sorry" emails. At least I could do that. Pour DH had to go to a 2 hour meeting and couldn't do anything. He did eventually call back and we were both I'm sorrying and I love youing.

This morning I got the sweetest email ever. DH isn't always eloquent but when he is, it just melts my hearts. He is one of the sweetest people I know (when he wants to be!).

Ok, enough of the sappy stuff. I best get off here so that I can go get busy with my to do list. Have a glorious day!


  1. Hey there! I just realized you have a blog too!! I have read a few of the posts so far and it sounds like you have PLENTY to keep you busy! I think you are doing great things for your family!

  2. Hi Kelli! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I try. I like your blog too. I try to get over to read it whenever I can. You always were a good writer, at least that's the way I remember it from Ms. Perkins class! :o)