Sunday, February 01, 2009


We had a wonderful speaker/performer this morning in our worship service. He was wonderful. His name was Mike Rayson. If you ever have a chance to see him you should. It was inspiring.

DS was very impressed with him and thoroughly enjoyed it. He is not a big fan of contemporary Christian music but he loved listening to this man. He played the guitar and sang for us. His finger picking is what DS loved and it was truly beautiful. DS said, “I can listen to this type of Christian music.” LOL. It is hard to describe what it was but I tend to want to say more folksy. Not country though. It was really nice.

Now, I am sitting up here at the church waiting on DD. She had confirmation class this afternoon and then choir. So... here I sit. I was listening to the CD of Mike Rayson but I turned it off so I can hear the choir. It’s a small group this week. The other Sunday evening activities have been cancelled due to the Super Bowl.

Much later....

Well, I had to go earlier as DD was finished. Now we are home and watching TV. I just knew that DS would want to watch the Super Bowl but he said he wasn’t interested in either team so we just flipped channels and watched some stuff we had on DVR. Now, I’m off to fix him a warm compress with some good smelling oils on it for his cold.

Have a lovely night dear friends!

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