Monday, January 11, 2010

The Weekend...

Well, it was a cold one. I had no plans to get out at all on Saturday but my trusty laptop shut down on me at about 6am. I thought to myself, "it will come back on after it has a rest. I've just over worked it."

Well, it didn't come back on so we had to take it in to the Apple Store (a good 30 minute drive) and they are keeping it for a week!! WHAT AM I TO DO??? Thank goodness we have (ahem) a "few" computers in this house. I am now typing on DH's laptop but have been using the the desktop mostly. I miss MINE!! I have to say that mine is the best in the house. The desktop is still windows based so, yuck. DH's is a MacbookPRO and it's nice with it's larger screen but I like my just plain ol' MacBook better. So anyway, Saturday was kind yuck. We didn't purchase the Applecare so we are handing over a pretty penny to get it fixed. Very depressing.

Sunday was pretty good. We went to church and Sunday School and really enjoyed it. The message was very thought provoking and DH and I each thought we needed to hear it. Sunday School was interesting too. We hadn't been before here at this new church so we tried a class while the kids were in theirs and actually really enjoyed it. The people were very friendly and the lesson was nice too.

After church we came home and made Spaghetti with homemade meatballs which were WONDERFUL!! But I wasn't feeling well and thought I might be having an allergic reaction of some kind so I took a benadryl and slept for several hours. I felt much better after that.

This morning came way too early! The kids had dentist appointments. I've gotten way too spoiled with sleeping in lately so it was hard to get up but we made it, although barely. It was our first time to this new dentist too. Poor DD she always has problems. Evidently it is a good thing she is going to the orthodontist this week too. They have some adjusting to do! YUCK! It's a new one too!

So that's my weekend in a nutshell. It was frigid here but is warming up... it's 30! It's the first time we've been this close to freezing in a couple of weeks. Funny that I can go out without a jacket today, it almost seems nice. LOL CRAZY!

I'm really going to work hard on posting over here a lot more. I've let FaceBook take over my computer time but I've been missing this place too so I'm going to try to split my time. I look forward to spending more time here. I hope you do too!

PS. I promise to not ramble too much.


  1. It was great talking to you today. I'm glad you've found a church that you all seem to like. But I miss seeing you at church :(

  2. I really enjoyed visiting with you too. Thanks so much for calling. I miss it there too.