Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well, a goal I have is to eat healthier. I didn't make it tonight exactly but we did eat at home and cheaply too.

DH is gone and I've found a house that I think I would really like, (haven't seen it in person yet but I love the pictures!) and so saving money is very important.

So, that being said, we had baked ravioli topped with cheese, and garlic bread.  Yes, it was Chef Boyardee.  I know, I'm ashamed but I had it in the house and honestly I LOVE ravioli!  I like to smash it up with my fork and eat it in little bitty bites.  I haven't had it in years and oh, was it good.

The rest of this weeks menus is just as cheap.  I went through the pantry and fridge and found what I have and then spent just less than $20 on the rest!  So cool!  Anyway, we are having hamburger (actually venison but don't tell DD) and macaroni one night, and cornbread the other.  Just planned some simple meals for the next few nights.  Sometimes the simple easy meals are the best.

Another goal, menu plan each week.  So far I have 2 goals!  Yea me!!


  1. I LOVE ravioli too! I've never had baked ravioli though. I think that's something I'll have to try :)

  2. Oh, it's yummy! It's really not any different, just dump it in a dish and throw a lot of cheese on it and back till bubbly! YUMMY!!