Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goal Setting

I just wrote a similar post over at my homeschool blog so sorry if it seems redundant but it is really on my mind today.

I've been thinking that I really need to set some goals lately.  I just don't seem to get things done like I need to and I'm really wondering if goal setting just might help.

I have all these things I want to do and yet nothing seems to ever get finished.  Yes, I start them but I seem to get caught up in too many things so nothing gets finished.

It's nothing really big, no major goals for life but just things I want done for me and my family.  I want to write more, everyday a little something. I want to get more done around the house each day.  I want to get more done on the homeschooling front.  I want to exercise more and eat better.  But because I get so caught up in one or all at once, nothing really seems to get done.

Seems like maybe I need to work on a little time management too!  I just really feel like all of this needs to be put down on paper and that is my goal for now to put my goals down on paper and make a plan for reaching them.

Any suggestions out there?


  1. I am with you 100%!! Never seem to get done what I want to in a day. My word for 2010 is "ORGANIZE", so far it's been hit & miss :)
    Still have 11 months to improve.

  2. So how are you going about it? It has definitely been hit and miss for me. Hopefully it will get better. That's one of my goals. LOL