Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting stuff done and Movies...

Finally, I'm getting some things done around here.  I've been busy today.

I've straightened up our homeschooling shelves, cleaned off the table, folded laundry, cleaned off the an end table or two, took DD to the dentist, made lunch, did my menu planning, went to the commissary and WOW, I feel like I accomplished something.

Yea me!

Answer ManLast night DH and I sent the kids off to read in their rooms and we watched a movie just for us.  It was so nice and I really enjoyed the movie. We watched "The Answerman".  It had some language but I really liked what it had to say.  It brought tears to my eyes several times but you know, even though he wasn't always very nice about his answers, they really were GREAT answers!  If you can get past the bad language it is definitely worth watching!

Super Size MeWe also watched "Super Size Me".  All I can say is WOW.  I felt terrible after we watched it.  I just wanted to 'McVomit'.  We eat fast food in spurts, sometimes we do sometimes we don't.  But when we do, WE DO.  I think I'm going to make the kids watch it.  I'll have to fast forward through a few parts but I think it would do them good to see what this food does to our bodies.  This is another one I would recommend but there is bad language and some icky parts too.

Well, I'm off now to try to stay with my plan to not spend all day on the computer or in my chair.  Have a wonderful evening and just in case I don't make it back on here for awhile, have a great week too!

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