Thursday, July 08, 2010

Well, we are moved.  All of our stuff is now here in this house we just have to get it all unpacked and put in place. 

I am already loving our new home.  I love the family room.  It feels so cozy.  We are still working on the lay out but I already love it!

The kitchen is small but I really like it too.  I love the eat in area.  It's a little crowded but there is just something about it that makes me happy.

The dinning room is fantastic.  We haven't eaten in there yet as I haven't found my table linens but hopefully we will by Sunday.  DD is dying to eat at our new "fancy" table.  LOL 

We are still waiting on the living room furniture but I love that room too.  It has these beautiful windows and of course the piano is in there and the kids and I are having a blast playing it!

I have so much that I need to do.  Not only do I need to unpack and get settled but I have homeschool planning to do.  I still need to purchase some curriculum and I want to get DS dual enrolled at our local community college.  He is also starting driver's ed this Saturday. 

Like I said, so much to do... I guess I best get on it!  Have a great day!

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